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Lag Range

The Lag Range module uses lag to keep you out of your opponent’s range, allowing for easy first hits.

Maximum delay

The maximum duration that Lag Range may delay your packets. Higher values will result in teleporting a longer distance from the perspective of other players.

Flush conditionals

Lag Range can be configured to stop lagging in certain scenarios.

Sprint reset

If enabled, you will temporarily stop lagging when you reset your sprint. This prevents the lag from messing with the timing of your WTaps, blockhits, etc. at the cost of keeping less distance.

Used splash potion

If enabled, you will temporarily stop lagging after using a splash potion. This is useful for gamemodes that require healing splash potions, since the lag may cause you to miss them otherwise.

Real position indicator

Renders a hitbox at the position that other players will see when the module is lagging you. The color of the box can be customized.


You can configure the module to only activate when:

  • Holding a weapon