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Hit Select

The Hit Select module limits when you can left click.


Hit Select can be used in several modes.


This mode will only allow you to click when your target can actually take damage and cancel clicks otherwise. This prevents you from slowing yourself down with unnecessary hits, allowing you to move faster.

Pause duration

Controls the maximum duration that the module will prevent clicks. There are no perfect values here, it all depends on your own personal preference, however using very high values on high ping may result in your hits feeling delayed.


This mode will prevent you from clicking while moving upwards (usually after taking knockback), which allows you to delay your attack until you are falling. Minecraft only lets you get critical hits while falling, so this module will greatly increase the chance of that happening.

Cancel rate

Specifies the chance of actually cancelling a click. For example, if you use 50% chance, enable Reduce air swings and then click in the air, half of your clicks will be cancelled.

Fake swing

It may feel strange to see your sword stop swinging while playing, so this setting can be enabled to always display the swing animation, even when you are not really clicking/swinging.

Reduce air swings

Filters out the majority of clicks if they would not have hit anything. This can be useful on servers that cancel hits if you click too fast, since this will reduce your average click speed by a lot.