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Mod overlay

The module overlay

Mod overlay renders a list containing the modules you are currently using.

Visible categories

Controls which module categories are added to the list. Modules in disabled categories will not be shown on the list.


Mod Overlay offers various options to customize the looks of the overlay.

Text size

Adjusts the size of the font.

Padding X/Y

The horizontal and vertical padding (spacing between the text and background borders) can be configured independently.


Controls how much rounding is applied to the background (set can set to 0 px to disable rounding entirely).

Text color

The color of the module names, which is orange by default.

Details color

The color of the module details, which is gray by default.


If enabled, renders all text in lowercase.

Show details

If enabled, extra details will be shown for modules. The details that are shown vary between modules, usually it will be the active mode.