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The Refill module automatically moves items from your inventory into your hotbar.


You can select which items the module is allowed to refill. You can enable Soup, Potion or both (note that Potion only applies to instant health splash potions).

Simulate button

Choose which mouse button the module simulates. For example, if you choose Right, the server/plugins will think that you are right-clicking on each item you refill.

You can choose between:

  • Left
  • Right (while unusual for legit players, using right button actually bypasses some anti-cheats)
  • Left + right (combines both mouse buttons, anti-cheats may allow a higher refill speed)

Delay after open

Specifies a delay before the module starts refilling after opening your inventory.

Delay before close

Specifies a delay before the module closes your inventory after the last item has been refilled.


Controls how fast items are moved.

Smart speed

If enabled, the module will decrease the refilling speed in scenarios where a legitimate player would also refill slower, such as when the items are far apart.