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Item ESP

Screenshot while using Item ESP

The Item ESP module highlights dropped items.


You can specify the maximum range to scan for dropped items.

Merge nearby items

This setting will automatically merge several smaller stacks if they are near each other. For example, if there are 20 iron ingots dropped on the same block, this setting will cause them to be merged into a single stack and display the proper count.


Show count

If enabled, the number of items included in the stack will be displayed. Note that Slinky hides the count for stacks that contain only one item, to prevent too much overlapping text from being rendered.

Item types

You can fully customize the types of items that are highlighted; all Minecraft items are supported.

You can also set a custom color for each item.

Highlight all items

If enabled, items that were not explicitly configured are still highlighted. You can specify a default color for these items. For example, you could:

  • Configure diamonds to render as cyan
  • Configure emeralds to render as green
  • Configure all other items to render as red