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Auto Block

The Auto Block module predicts when you are going to take damage and blocks your sword to reduce it.


Specifies the chance of Auto Block blocking your sword.

Predict time

Since the timing of blocking heavily depends on your ping, this setting can be used to make Auto Block block earlier to compensate for delays due to lag.

Higher ping will require a higher value for this setting.

Maximum hold time

Controls how long your sword will stay blocked. Higher values mean a higher chance of successfully blocking hits, but you will also lose more speed.

Force block animation

If enabled, your sword will appear blocked the entire time.


Auto Block can be configured to lag (blink) when your sword unblocks, so you stay blocked for a longer period of time from the server’s perspective.


The chance of lagging after unblocking.

Maximum duration

Specifies the maximum lag duration. Higher values will increase the chance of blocking a hit, but may also delay your attacks.


Auto Block can be configured to only activate if:

  • Left mouse button is pressed
  • Right mouse button is pressed
  • You recently attacked a player (if disabled, Auto Block will keep blockhitting even if you are getting combo’d)