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Name Tags

Screenshot while using Name Tags

The Name Tags module makes player name tags easier to see. It increases their allowed render distance, size and always displays them, even if a player is sneaking or invisible.


Specifies the maximum rendering range. No name tag will be rendered for players outside this range.


Controls the size of name tags, allowing you to make them smaller or bigger.

Show own name tag

If enabled, you can see your own name tag in third person mode.

Static size

If enabled, name tags will remain the same size, whether the player is far away or nearby.


If enabled, there will be a background behind the name tag text (just like the Vanilla name tags).

Text shadow

If enabled, the text will have a drop shadow.

Extra info

Name tags can be configured to display additional information.


Displays the player’s health in front of their name.

Health format

You can choose to display health as HP (meaning values are in range 0 - 20) or as hearts (meaning values are in range 0.0 - 10.0).


Displays the distance to the player after their name.


Shows the player’s armor and held item above the name tag.