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Bridge Assist

The Bridge Assist module automatically sneaks for you when you are near the edge of a block. This allows you to build bridges very quickly, without the risk of falling.

Edge offset

Edge offset values visualized

In Minecraft, you can walk a slight distance away from the edge of a block before you actually fall off. This setting specifies how far you are allowed to go before Bridge Assist will start sneaking.

Specifying a higher value, means the player will start sneaking later and therefore bridge faster.

Unsneak delay

Specifies how long the player should keep sneaking, even after a block has been placed already.

Higher values means the player will sneak longer and therefore bridge slower.


If enabled, the Edge offset and Unsneak delay settings will be randomized. This setting is typically only necessary on servers with good anti-cheats, to avoid getting detected for being too consistent.


You can specify additional requirements that must be met to activate Bridge Assist:

  • Sneak key pressed
  • Holding blocks
  • Looking down