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Screenshot while using Pointers

The Pointers module displays arrows around your crosshair pointing to other players. It allows seeing where players are at, even if they are outside of your field of view.


Specifies the maximum rendering range. No pointer will be rendered for players outside this range.

Ignore within FOV

No pointer will be rendered for players within the FOV specified by this setting. You can use this if you only want to see pointers to players you can’t already see on your screen. You can also simply set this to 0 degrees to always point to all players.


Pointers offers various customization settings.


Currently you can choose between two styles.


Pointers are always rendered flat on the screen.


Pointers will be rendered at an angle, creating a better feeling of depth.


There are various modes available to generate pointer colors.


Each pointer will be colored based on the distance to the player it points to. The Near and Far colors can be customized.

Name Tag

The pointer will use the same color as the name tag of the player it points to.


This mode lets you choose a color yourself. You can select a separate color for enemies and friendlies.

Transition between

Specifies which distances are considered near and far. This affects colors when using Distance mode and also the Distance-based radius setting. For example, if you are using the default Distance colors and specify a value of 10 - 50 blocks for this setting, any players within a 10 block radius will be fully red, while any players outside a 50 block radius will be fully green.


Controls the size of the pointers.


Controls how far the pointers are rendered from your crosshair.

Distance-based radius

If enabled, pointers for players that are far away will also be rendered further away from your crosshair.