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Sprint Reset

The Sprint Reset module automatically restarts your sprint state after you hit a player. This allows you to deal the maximum amount of knockback every hit.


Sprint Reset can be used in several modes.


Resets your sprint by shortly letting go of the W key (or whatever key you use to move forward). This mode will stop moving forward entirely for a short moment.


Resets your sprint by shortly sneaking, which prevents you from sprinting. This mode still keeps a tiny bit of forward momentum, so it will allow you to move slightly faster than WTap mode.


Similar to WTap, but doesn’t fully stop moving. This is the fastest mode of all three.

Delay after attack

Specifies how long the module waits before resetting your sprint after you attack a player.

Stop duration

Specifies how long to stop sprinting. Higher durations will look more legit but will also slow you down a lot more.