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The Backtrack module will lag other players when they are about to move out of range, allowing you to get additional hits on them.

This module is mainly intended to be used on servers where regular reach cheats are detected. Since Backtrack is fully lag based, it does not violate vanilla Minecraft mechanics.

Target distance

Specifies at which distances Backtrack may activate. For example, when set to 1.0 - 4.0, Backtrack will not activate for players closer than 1 block or further away than 4 blocks.

Maximum delay

Configures the maximum amount of time that the module may block packets for. Higher values mean players will be kept closer for a longer time, therefore offering more time to hit them.

Real position indicator

When enabled, the module will render a box that indicates where the player would be standing if there was no lag. The color of the box can be customized.

Disable on hit

Immediately stops lagging if you take knockback.


You can configure the module to only activate when you are holding a weapon.