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The Velocity module is used to reduce the knockback you take.


Velocity can be used in several modes.


Regular mode simply reduces your motion to the specified amount. Modern anti-cheat plugins that feature good movement validation will generally catch this mode on any setting.


Specifies the chance of your knockback being reduced.


Any knockback originating outside the field of view specified by this setting will not be reduced.

Some example values:

  • 360°: reduce knockback from all angles (default)
  • 180°: reduce knockback if hit from the front, but don’t reduce when hit in the back (useful to prevent being slowed down while running away)

Reduce to

Specifies the amount of knockback that will be retained. If you set it to 60%, you will receive 60% of the intended knockback amount.

Reduce delay

Specifies a delay before your knockback is reduced. For example, if you set it to 1 tick, you will receive full knockback during the first game tick, then reduced knockback during the second.


Jump mode will automatically jump immediately after receiving knockback. This abuses a vanilla Minecraft mechanic, which lets you (partially) negate your knockback if you jump right away.


Specifies the chance of jumping when taking knockback.


Abuses the vanilla attack slowdown mechanic (reducing) to reduce your knockback. This mode allows you to reduce knockback in cases where vanilla Minecraft does not allow it.

Allow for double-clicks

If checked, your knockback will be reduced for double-clicks as well, which by default do not affect your motion.


You can control when your knockback is reduced using the following conditionals:

  • Looking at player
  • Mouse pressed
  • Moving forward
  • Holding weapon